As a leader in bicycle security, Dura Bike Locker has been designing, manufacturing, distributing and installing Dura Bike Lockers for over 19 years. Their innovative products can be seen enhancing campuses all over the United States and Canada. With durability in mind and a passion for security they have managed to create a locker that shines through craftsmanship and quality.

Easy Installation

All their lockers are easily installed with the use of simple hand tools. They are eco-friendly, movable, addition friendly and as strong as they are durable. For locations where space is an issue the parking capacity of a single bicycle unit can be doubled with the simple addition of a rear door and a diagonal divider panel. Feel peace of mind knowing all their models come fitted with a three-point locking system which is standard.

Environmentally Friendly

Dura Bike Locker has worked hard to reduce environmental impact by incorporating practices and materials that reflect positively on the world around us. Their products are engineered to endure the elements allowing them to retain their beauty outdoors without the use of harsh cleaning chemicals. They are also designed to allow for the replacement of damaged parts.

Further, their products are Powder Coated in an environmentally friendly metal finishing process that does not contain heavy metals (lead-free), is free of hazardous air pollutants and does not generate hazardous waste and contains less than 1% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Exceptional Products and Service

Dura Bike Lockers’ goal is to exceed all of your expectations for both products and service. Through innovation and a focus on progressive design they continually raise the bar to exceed the needs of their clients.

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