EnGo Planet

Renewable Energy is all around us but the problem is that cities across the globe do not have sufficient infrastructure in place to harvest and store that energy.

EnGo Planet are focused on developing smart energy solutions that will create an intelligent and interconnected infrastructure and make cities smarter and more energy independent.

EnGo ALL-IN-ONE LED Solar Streetlight

EnGo All-In-One is a reliable, cost-effective, and integrated solar street light with Lithium battery, solar panel, and MPPT controller built into the luminaire.

This wire-free and energy independent, LED street lighting solution is a perfect option for many applications such as lighting for pathways, bicycle lanes, trails, parking lots, parks, rural lighting, etc.

Since it is not connected to the power grid, this all in one solar streetlight will provide free public lights, but also significantly lower the cost of operation and speed up the installation process.

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