Dynarep Sales Group Inc. is an experienced, well respected lighting representative located in Western Canada.

With 18 years of experience in the street lighting profession, Dynarep has assisted Landscape Architects, Engineers, Developers and Municipalities with lighting design involving residential and highway development, downtown settings, park and pathway lighting.

We have provided lighting designs for various LEED projects providing energy analysis, conceptual 2D and 3D drawings as well as photometric layouts.

Our company takes pride in meeting and improving on lighting budgets and being able to provide unique and distinctive looks exclusive to their community. 

Whether a community simply wants to make subtle changes to an existing pole and fixture or they want to change the look completely; we view each project with opportunity and challenge ourselves to research, design and deliver the right product that will meet all the lighting expectations of  this era.

Do you know exactly what you want or do you need some help? We can help!