Lighting Design

We offer full service layouts to bring your next project to life.

Industry Excellence – We strive to be an industry leader in customer service and ensure the manufacture of the highest quality, well-engineered products. 

We are able to provide a wide range of services to our clients, and the following list is a sampling of our specialties. 

When you design with us we can provide:

Photometric Lighting Layouts

Complete lighting designs, laid out on your AutoCAD site plans, ensuring that you have the right amount of light for the project.

Specification Writing

We will confer with you to find your specific requirements and write the specifications for you – Saving you time, effort and money!

2D CAD Drawings

View a dimensional drawing of the selected lighting assemblies.

3D CAD Drawings

View your selected product in full color 3D CAD.

Custom Site Photos

Using an actual site photo, we can insert your selected assemblies ensuring that it is the look that your client had envisioned.

Budgetary Pricing

Get a quick budget price directly from us, allowing you to have an accurate number for budgetary purposes.

Product Customization

Are you looking to add a custom touch to your next lighting project? – We have always been open to customizing products to meet our clients’ desires. We have a diverse range of products over and above what is listed. Do not hesitate to introduce us to your unique design ideas. We will make every effort to cost effectively incorporate into the manufacturing process.

Please contact us for more info!