StressCrete Group established in 1953 is the oldest, most experienced manufacturer of spun concrete poles in North America; producing an extensive line of ornamental and street lighting standards, power distribution and transmission poles, sports lighting poles. They also manufacture a line of specialty poles which are ideally suited for camera and solar applications as well high-mast lighting.


King Luminaire

King Luminaire manufactures high-quality decorative outdoor lighting fixtures, fabricated metal poles, arms, and site furnishings. Their LED lighting product line consists of state-the-art pendants and post top luminaires that have superior thermal control, outstanding optical performance, and effectively address the environmental concerns of up-lighting, glare and energy usage.


This proud Canadian company is composed of five operating companies, with manufacturing facilities in four North American locations. They have and continue to see vibrant growth with their new Gold Standard of customer service and product quality. Their desire to develop innovative and adaptive products for the lighting and pole industry is impressive to say the least. 

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