Clear Blue Technologies was founded in 2011 by experts in power engineering and advanced software and communications. Our vision is to combine environmentally-friendly green energy with innovative hardware and software to deliver highly reliable, intelligent, and performant off-grid technology that is easy to install, reduces cost of ownership and delivers unmatched remote control, monitoring and servicing.

Their Smart Off-Grid solar and wind hybrid controller and Illumience cloud software can be integrated into a wide variety of products or used as the basis for off-grid lighting and security installations. Outdoor lighting, security, telecom and environmental companies, for example, can now quickly implement off-grid or grid-tie clean tech solutions, opening new markets with new solutions for their customers.

Clear Blue is committed to making our partnership successful by providing the highest quality products and superior support. We will work with your team to ensure your off-grid products deliver the reliability and performance you expect, and your customers demand.


Energy-as-a-Service is a key part of Clear Blue’s commitment to our customers to deliver maximum uptime, longest system life, and easy installation and maintenance.

Battery replacement costs in off-grid systems can represent the largest ongoing maintenance cost. The limited warranties that battery manufacturers provide typically cover only defects in material and workmanship with numerous exclusions due to lack of maintenance, exposure to heat or cold, over or under-charging and more. This renders warranties largely useless to customers.

With EaaS, we provide an off-grid energy storage system with our Smart Off-Grid control and expert power management services for a fixed annual service fee. EaaS reduces upfront capital costs, and the need for our customers to become power management experts

With Clear Blue’s Energy-as-a-Service, customers pay a fixed annual service fee. This fee covers our Smart Off-Grid Monitoring and Maintenance, all cell communication fees, replacement controllers and battery replacement for the term of the contract.

Energy-as-a-Service Brochure




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