Westire Technology

Westire manufactures their own products, and strongly believes that keeping manufacturing in-house leads to unparalleled quality and reliability.

Wesire brought a new meaning to outdoor lighting controls by developing industry changing technologies such as the Silicon Eye Response Ambient Light Detectors, their patented Relay Assisted Triac (RAT) Switching, Smart HID Ballasts, Dimmable Electronic Ballasts, Astro Time Clocks and Long Life Photocontrols. Westire defined and exemplifies the meaning of quality street and area lighting controls. Sean has a skilled and dedicated team around him, who have remained loyal to his ground breaking ambition and determination over the past 35 years.

Westsire are committed to R&D and have built a creative and diverse global team to continue designing new products. They are obsessively passionate about their products and the environment. Westire under Sean Noone’s leadership, will continue to provide customers with innovative energy efficient green technologies and world class street and area lighting controls.

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8400 Series Photocells

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