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Downtown Chilliwack

Location: Chilliwack, B.C.
Products Used: Stresscrete 14’ Direct Buried Talisman Concrete Pole – Aztec Jade ( Green) in colour with a King Luminaire KA63 Double Coshocton Arm with Twin 100 Watt Metal Halide K118 Washington Acorn Post Top fixture – Chilliwack Green

 In 2002 the City of Chilliwack teamed up with King Luminaire to improve lighting in their downtown core.  They chose this elaborate look in order to set themselves apart from other neighbouring downtowns.  As you can see from this rec...

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Downtown Comox

Location: Comox B.C.
Products Used: King Luminaire 24’ Port Credit Step Pole complete with Bishop Crook Arm and 100 Watt Metal Halide Falconbridge fixture Each pole has two flower pot hangers and one small banner. Complete assembly is powder coated Blue

Comox is one of the more beautiful cities in all of BC.  The downtown is thriving with many unique store fronts.   This assembly stands out and makes a positive statement for the downtown.  In the near future we expect that they w...

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Downtown Nakusp

Location: The Village of Nakusp is a village located on the shores of Upper Arrow Lake, a portion of the Columbia River, in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia
Products Used: Nova 24' Step pole complete with King Luminaire 100 Watt LED Roadway Harbourside fixture and 40 Watt LED Pedestrian scale Harbourside and arms.

Nakusp wanted a unique above average look for their downtown core.  The colour chosen was black which is considered the classiest colour which is the easiest to touch up if scratched. Their have been many positive comments on this look. &nbs...

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Downtown Nanaimo

Location: Nanaimo B.C.
Products Used: King Luminaire 15’ Octagonal extrude Aluminum pole with custom aluminum base c/w with a 40 Watt LED California Acorn post top fixture. Each pole has a receptacle at the top for Christmas lights, two flower pot holders and one 2’ X 4’ banner.

Nanaimo is a ferry port on the east coast of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. There are numerous shops and cafes that fill the Old City Quarter. The city designers felt they wanted to maintain the historical look of the downtown and use...

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Downtown Whiterock BC

Location: White Rock is a city in British Columbia, Canada, and a member municipality of Metro Vancouver. It borders Semiahmoo Bay to the south and is surrounded on three sides by South Surrey.
Products Used: Nova 29' Step pole complete with King Luminaire 75 Watt LED Roadway Aurora Sr. fixture and 40 Watt LED

Pedestrian scale Aurora Jr. with banner arms, flower pot holders and receptacle. Their design also had a 16' pedestrian pole with the 40 watt LED Aurora Junior, banner arms, flower pot holders and receptacle for Christmas lights. Whiterock ha...

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Eau Claire Park

Location: Calgary, Alberta
Products Used: 18’ Step pole by Nova Pole complete with Bishop Crook Arm and King Luminaire 100 Watt Metal Halide Aurora Sr Pendant fixture

Barclay Eau Claire Park is adjacent to Market and is a well travelled pedestrian area in Downtown Calgary. Originally the fixtures in this area were round globes. They were extremely glary to condo residents in the area. The flat lens fixture chosen ...

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Harmony Development

Location: Rockyview, Alberta
Products Used: 18’ Direct Buried Lorraine concrete pole - Saluki Bronze in colour by Stresscrete with 4’ top mounted black arm with a Low wattage GE LED Evolve Cobra

Harmony Development is a high end development just outside of Calgary – built on a man-made lake with surrounding riding trails.  The developer chose a decorative direct buried concrete pole with a uniquely designed top mount arm.  On...

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Highriver - Town of Alberta

Location: Highriver, Alberta
Products Used: 27’ Step Pole with Sunset Decorative Base by Nova Pole with a King Luminaire 6’ Single and 6’ Double SCROLL arms with 60 and 75 Watt Solitaire Sr. Shallow Glass Pendant fixture

The Town of Highriver wanted a more decorative pole with a fixture that had the light output of a standard cobra. They chose the King Luminaire Solitaire Sr. Pendant with a Shallow Glass lens for its historical look and its lighting ability.  Th...

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Japanese Garden

Location: Esquimalt B.C.
Products Used: Nova 14’ round straight pole with fluted Arles base complete with twin banners and a 60 Watt K601 Empress Post Top Fixture.

 Esquimalt's Gorge Park is also home to the Gorge Waterway Nature House. In 1907, BC Electric officially opened a Japanese Tea Gardens there, along with an amusement park and floating sampan tearoom. The park's popularity went ...

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Kelowna Parking Lots

Location: Kelowna BC
Products Used: Stresscrete 16’ Base Mount Classic Concrete Pole – Eclipse Jade ( Black) in colour with a King Luminaire Acorn – 100 Watt Metal Halide soon to be changed out with 40 LED

The Kelowna city wanted to implement a Base mounted concrete pole and chose the Classic pole which has pleasing lines when accompanied with a historical Acorn fixture with gold Westinghouse ring around the top section.  A number of parking lots ...

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